Agency Agreements

Injegov Ltd. represents in Greece and Cyprus the following international companies. Our company provides complete services for new installations, retrofits, after sales service and spare parts for the entire range of products Heinzmann, Regulateurs Europa and Lock-N-Stitch.

Since 1897, HEINZMANN is one of the leading manufacturers of control, management, protection and automation systems for internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines. Produces mechanical and electronic speed controllers for diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines, steam turbines and gas turbine plants.
Regulateurs Europa is providing diesel engine governors since the 1960s, and offering total integrated solutions for control and monitoring technology in the industrial, marine, traction and power generation industries.
LOCK-N-STITCH Inc. specializes in all aspects of the repair of cracked and damaged cast iron and other cast metals.  LNS manufactures crack and thread repair products, provides training in crack repair techniques and maintains a full-service repair department that performs repairs all over the world and has the benefit of over thirty years of experience.